Who is Your Mother’s Brother?

Who is your mother’s brother? We want to know.

Ours, is our dear “Uncle Jeff.” Don’t know him? Let me fill you in on all things mother’s brother. He’s our Rock Paper Scissors event champion, Glee Club member, OG Good Robot regular, and now, he’s the newest member of the T-Dogs crew. Pretty outstanding guy, huh? We wanted to know a little bit more about his transition from good ol’ GR patron to dog-slinger extraordinaire, and we know that you do too. So here’s our exclusive  Q & A feature on the mystery that is Uncle Jeff.

Incase you didn't know what a "TDog" was. Voila!

Incase you didn’t know what a “TDog” was. Voila!

GR: How did it feel stepping behind the bar for the first time?

UJ: A little strange at first. But, since I knew everyone it was more comfortable than I anticipated.

GR: Are you saving money now that you’re behind the bar and not at a bar stool?

UJ: No. That never happens.

GR: What are some struggles you’ve had to overcome with the new position with TDogs? UJ: A couple of people were concerned about the food quality. That leads into the struggles. Everyone was coming in wondering if their food was going to be awful. GR: How does the new hat feel?

UJ: Uh, it’s good. Just trying to break it in. I only bought it the day of the first shift. Still trying to get use to it.

Guest question to lighten the mood: “Sweet Dave” would like to know, boxers or briefs?


UJ: Boxers… for some breathing room.

GR: Tell us about your new perspective now that you’re in the kitchen.

UJ: Well, it’s kind of interesting. There didn’t seem to be much difference because I’m so familiar with the place. It was different to watch people getting drunk opposed to being the drunk person.  

GR: What is your favourite T-Dog?

UJ: I really like the Texas hot but the Tmac is something else.

GR: Whats your favourite thing so far about T-Dogs?

UJ: It was simple enough to catch on to because I was familiar with the food.

GR: How did you get the nickname Uncle Jeff?

UJ: Well that was thanks to a former employee of Good Robot. I was sitting here talking to her, helping her through some stuff (with the 15 years of experience I have on her.) She turned around and said “Oh, it’s like talking to my uncle.” And then, the next time I came in, the bartender that night asked the standard: “Jeff would you like a beer?” She came in and interrupted, saying “No, that’s Uncle Jeff.” And it’s been Uncle Jeff ever since.

GR: Why leave radio and get back into cooking?

UJ: Radio just wasn’t going anywhere for me and I just needed a new challenge. But I also wanted to get back into something I knew that I wanted to do: cooking. Food has always been a big part of my life and so I thought: why not try it all over again? But this time, with a better perspective on it.

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