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elmsdale beer store & beer garden

Closed until Wednesday at 12 PM

Good Robot Elmsdale began with the world-class brewing facility built in 2021. We quickly realized that the area was missing something. It was missing a quirky place for folks to gather. So in 2022, Good Robot Elmsdale opened! A small beer garden and beer store serving the same award-winning and unique beverages that people would find at the OG Good Robot.

Beer Store hours:
Wednesday: 12-7
Thursday: 12-7
Friday: 11-7
Saturday: 11-7
Sunday: 12-6
Mon/Tues: Closed
Beer Garden: Closed for the season

To Drink



We have a rotating fleet of food trucks serving our Elmsdale location.


Imbiberies and merriments since twenty-aught-fifteen