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Tropical Storm Series

Our Tropical Storm series consists of 4 IPAs ranging in ABV and tropical flavours. Something for everyone!

Ranging from low alcohol to high, our Tropical Storm series consists of 4 IPAs with varying fruit flavours.

Tropical Storm Category 4 is a less bitter IPA with an ABV of 4%. It’s a little hazy with lots of tropical fruit flavour – think lots of guava, peach and a little white grape and citrus. It pairs great with seafood and bright yellow rain boots.

Tropical Storm Category 5 is a little higher alcohol at 5% but still less bitter than typical IPAs. It’s golden in colour and features notes of coconut, pineapple, tangerine and grapefruit. A deliciously tropical brew that will help you forget about all of your old umbrellas that Mother Nature ruined.

On-tap at
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  • Elmsdale
  • Robie Street